Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My new Essimar print

I've been a fan of Esther's work from way back when I first discovered her over on Etsy.  So I have no idea what took me so long to finally purchase something from her!  In a spot above my bed now hangs 'Eli':

I love peering into the room as I go by, just to catch that shot of colour!  I framed it in a simple white square frame from West Elm, and it adds just that small burst of colour that I wanted to introduce to the bedroom.  If you're a lover of brilliant colour, you should pop into her store  where she sells her intricately cutout cards as well as a few other screenprints, of which Lagris, below has always been my favorite.


At $400, it is definitely out of my buying realm!

On the shop front, I've been busy designing a few new pieces and updated old designs.  Things were a little slow for me last month as my lovely MIL who watches my little one while I work, was on vacation visiting wonderful Australia and New Zealand!  The girls now have fluffy koala's and and kangaroo's to add to their stuffed toy menagerie!